A Few Of My Favorite Things

Welcome To The Family (The Bitter Worshipper) He speaks my language
Paragraphs To Ponder (Le Cygne Gris) Another amazing post by Simon
You Are Not Small.  You Are So Big To God (Wat Matters Most) I love, love, love her blog, she has wisdom that I don’t yet.
Never Be Who You Are Supposed To Be (Jon Acuff)  I’m finally figuring out where I belong on the internet, and where I’m never going to fit in.
Art And Theology: Permission To Speak Freely (Gratia Veritas Lumen) I really liked the poem and the song.

MFW Morning Boards for Kindergarten (Cornerstone Confessions)
MFW Blogroll (Little Natural Cottage)
5 Ways To Love Your Life More Today (The Steady Mom)
The Milestones That Matter Most (The Huffington Post)

Grilled Chicken Veggie Bowls Meal Prep (Picky Palate)
Calorie Burner: How Much Better Is Standing Than Sitting? (BBC News)

What Christian Men Want From Christian Women….In Paintings! (Wintery Knight) Loved this.
Stocking Stuffers For Men (Save More and Spend Less With Heidi) I know, it’s way too early for this.
The Meaning of Marriage: A Lecture At Google By Tim Keller (Wintery Knight) How Christians date each other needs to radically change and not copy the ways of our culture….my daughters are going to hate me for this.
7 (8) Reasons Why Women Should Not Be Cops (Disciples Perspective)  I loved his reasoning, but I hate the idea of telling my daughters they have to fit into a mold.  I don’t see either of my daughters wanting to be a cop anyway, so not going to have to worry about it.  Now a scientist, a veterinarian,a party planner or a gymnast are very real possibilities.
18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Wife (Tim Challies)

3 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. hawkinsm6 says:

    Thanks Sis. High praise from a writer such as yourself. I must say, however, that I consider anyone who understands me as someone to be avoided and generally feared. I will make an exception in your case. Good links.

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